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Library embossing seals or book embossers available online for only $26.50 plus shipping. Embossing seals for your personal books ship within 24 business hours. Perfect for gifts.


library seal 1

library seal 2

scales of justice seal

Medical seal

Music Clef


Star of David

Hand held with pouch


Desk seal


Top Text:
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Bottom Text:
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Seal orientation default is from the bottom of the page. Choose the seal orientation you would like:
Seals ordered together ship together.

Book and library seals make the perfect gift or get one for yourself. Perfect for marking your own books and the text can be customized to say from the library of or what ever you would like.

Library embossing seals start at $26.50 if you should need a custom seal or put another graphic in the center click the link at the bottom of the page to email us your specifications.


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