Library book embossers, stationery embossing seals custom made to your specifications for whatever you would like.
Seals prices start at $26.50

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A-Plus can make your custom seals or embossers for any occasion.  These seals can be used for Professional Engineers, Notary Public, Corporate Seals, Architects, Custom Logo, monogram, or for your personal library and anything else you would like to emboss.

Seals can be used to emboss napkins for weddings and special occasions, embossing envelopes and stationery to give it the personal touch, library books and more.  A-Plus specializes in custom embossers and seals for your personal and professional use. We can reproduce camera ready artwork (black and white) to create your seal or embosser.

Seals/ embossers can be manufactured for any State design for the professional or hobbyist.  The Seals/ embossers can be custom made to fit any needs.  All orders come complete with a seal handle, inserts and pouch.  The inserts can be ordered separately if  desired.

Stationery embossers can be round, and we offer them in in 1 5/8" or they can be rectangular and the size is 1" x 2" and the embossers can be hand held or desk models.

If your require a stamp they can also be made up in the seal design.  Please see our stamp pages for these requirements.


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